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High Performance Clutches

Foreign Clutches
Foreign clutches for Acura, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Toyota WE CAN DESIGN a clutch kit to meet your demands. Clutch discs with 3, 4 , or 6 pad with or without springs and a choice of woven high burst organic,ceramic, kevlar or a combination dual friction . Pressure plates with 50% to 100% increased pressure for high horsepower engine . If you really want to get extreme a double diaphragm pressure plate is available for certain applications. Make the job complete with a lightweight flywheel available for most cars.

High Performance Foreign Clutches


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Domestic Clutches
The old standbys domestic clutches for Ford ,Chevy, Dodge, etc. Our specialty is that we go way back in time with these oldies but goodies. High performance designs are available for all years and sizes. You tell us what you want to do with your muscle car and we will "pump"  it out.  We have extreme pressure plates with up to 3000 lbs of pressure . Flywheels are also available even aluminum flywheels with steel inserts.

Domestic Clutch Kits


High Performance Clutches

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